SimBench Grid Selection

Here you can select each SimBench grid.
A SimBench grid comprises one or two voltage levels.
Please note, that in valid codes the Lower Voltage Level Subnet Number is the only parameter which may be empty (only in case of single voltage level grid).

For more information about SimBench grids and SimBench code, please have a look to the documentation.

Voltage Level(s):
Higher Voltage Level Urbanization Character:
Lower Voltage Level Subnet Number:
Switch Representation:

For the case that you need more than two voltage levels, please note that you may receive the complete data of SimBench or the complete SimBench grid (here all external grid representations are excluded which are included as detailled grid data -> the complete SimBench grid should be executable within power flow analysis tools) one page before via the direct download and the following codes:
1-complete_data-mixed-all-0-sw (example of the complete data of version 0)
1-EHVHVMVLV-mixed-all-1-sw (example of the complete grid of version 1)